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Why I Want to Become A Management Professional

A person’s zeal for raising his standard of living can be steered towards diverse career goals. Career-building areas can vary from person to person. If somebody wants to groom his/her skills and knowledge in Journalism, then he/she can opt for the options such as Bachelor’s in journalism and Mass Communication. Similarly, if someone has an interest in the management discipline, then he can opt for undergraduate courses such as BMS or BBA and can further pursue MBA or PGDM for good job opportunities.
Management is a specialized professional course that any student can opt for, whether he has done, B.A., or has done a technical course.  By choosing the right institution and right course, the students' inner hidden talent and skills can be improved and polished.
Things to be noticed while selecting management as a profession:
• Identify your KSA (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities)
• Identify your broad area of interest such as Finance, HR, Marketing,
• Select the best course for enhancing your knowledge in that domain.
• Choose a college that can facilitate and groom you not only in academics but your overall personality.
• Try to inculcate the implementation of theoretical knowledge and concepts in practical situations.
• Become a certified professional and get a placement in your area of specialization. 

Apart from all these highlights, one important thing that should be kept in mind is that besides good academic results you need to get some training certificates too as they are helpful in enhancing your professional skills. According to your interest in a certain area or specialization, if you get the certification also, then the company during the hiring time offers you the right job and salary package on the basis of that. A good institution provides you with all this support and gives you the right direction in shaping your bright career. Specialization degrees, training, and certification help a student to become a professional in a specific field. Generally, Management professionals belong to Marketing, Finance, Production, or other departments as they have to manage and handle their departmental situation with perfection.

They do so by implementing their theoretical as well as practical knowledge which they learned in professional courses. So, the profession of a manager is almost similar to the profession of a doctor or a lawyer, where formal education has been taken by the students to serve society and earn good money.  True professionalism must possess the traits of good leadership, motivation, and liaison between the management and employees. A good manager is always liked by their subordinates and management.

 There is a slight difference in the pattern of recruitment of managers in micro-level and macro-sized companies. The former does not strictly follow the criteria for a manager designation profile and minimum qualification requirement. In place of managers, the owner himself manages all the top levels of hierarchical tasks. However, in macro and medium-sized companies follow the criteria properly and maintain their work culture.

Every person in these companies is hired based on their predefined job description and job specification because, in the absence of a proper system, the smooth working of a company can be hampered. 

Dr. Shobha Bhardwaj 
Asst. Professor
School of Management