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Adding Skills To Talent At IMSUC, the Best BBA College In Delhi NCR

BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration) has emerged as the most in-demand degree course among students who aspire to join corporate/ industry to achieve their career goals. India has witnessed a significant increase in the number of private institutions offering BBA degrees with a significant increase in the number of admissions as well during the last decade. In B-schools students can be provided with several opportunities to work with the best organization, but in the end, it is the skill set and capabilities of the student which can help them to grab the opportunity to pursue their dream. Therefore, the purpose of BBA must not be merely providing a graduation degree but should focus on developing skills and capabilities to generate future leaders who can successfully contribute to the Indian economy. Here at IMS, we focus on the holistic development of the students to make them market as well as future-ready. For this, we have developed a diversified curriculum to inculcate extra sets of skills in our BBA students that will enable them to stand out, and separate them from the rest of the competition.

At IMS we focus on developing Effective communication and networking skills along with sound personalities. The career development cell (CDC) at IMS is playing an important role. By organizing communication workshops and language modules etc. CDC works to enhance both the written and verbal communication skills of students with an approach that leaders will be frequently judged for their communication skills. Communication cannot be limited to meetings only. Answering phone calls, writing emails, drafting messages, etc. requires effective skills in communication. Even for developing a strong network effective communication act as a base Different events and sessions organized by the School of Management at IMS provide students to work on this skill.

Another important aspect that we take care of is developing critical thinking and problem-solving attitudes among students.  The business market is full of uncertainties. Being a leader one should always be ready for such handle such uncertainties. To avoid and tackle such uncertain situations leaders must be able to think critically with a solution-driven approach.  We focus on the development of critical thinking in students. The curriculum is designed in a way to help students to inculcate a problem-solving attitude. Use of case study method, storytelling approach, new analysis, discussion, and presentation on current topics along Mathaenia club to help the student to think critically on various real-time situations and scenarios of the industry as well as society.  Even this skill helps students to prepare and crack different entrance exams in the future.

Entrepreneurship has become a very hot topic of discussion among youth, especially among students pursuing or aiming for management courses. To guide and motivate students with entrepreneurial aspirations E-cell, and Big ideas club at IMS is working to develop in students the mindset of an entrepreneur and continuously working on developing all necessary skills required to be a successful entrepreneur. Arranging workshops, seminars, and events like startup conclave, mark-fest, etc. enable students to develop entrepreneurial as well as intrapreneurial skills. Even good organizations also look forward to hiring students with innovative ideas and mindsets having out-of-the-box thinking.

Apart from all these School of management at IMS Ghaziabad also works on developing leadership skills, teamwork, team building, personality, networking, and creativity in BBA students that will help these budding managers to emerge as successful leaders in the future who can cope up with the current industry demands as well as can handle the certain market situations to develop Indian as the strongest economy in the world.


Dr. Anchal Luthra
Assistant Professor
Department of Management - BBA