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“Future depends on what you do today”

IMS Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus) takes pride to welcome its new batch (2018-20) of Masters in International Business (MIB) on 14th July 2018. A week-long orientation program ‘Upkarma-2018’ is organized to let the students be familiar with the environment, modules and crisp of the course offered to them.

The opening day was the inauguration ceremony of the orientation program where the experts from corporates were invited to address the students with their valuable thoughts and experience. Dr Sapna Rakesh (Director of IMS Ghaziabad, University Courses Campus) welcomes the Chief Guest Mr Ramesh Agarwal (Founder and Managing Director at ‘Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd.’) and Guest of Honor Mr Prashant (HR head at ‘Disney India’)

The new students were acquainted with the background, growth, culture, vision and philosophy of IMSUC Ghaziabad campus by Director. Mr Ramesh Aggarwal shattered their splendid thoughts on creating your own identity and stimulated them to leave their footprints by using very beautiful words “10% how you make it and 90% how you create it” and also influence students with “To progress vertically and not horizontally”.

Mr Prashant Verma, the Guest of Honour, reciprocates his words with the students “Competency is the order of the day”. It is actually the sum of KNOWLEDGE + SKILLS + PERSONAL ATTRIBUTE. His few magical words inspired the students to stand on their own feet. IMS will train for your skills, and we will hire for your Talent” The day created a very positive influence on the students and ended with Vote of Thanks by host Ms Raunak Bharadwaj.

                                                                                 “Right Here, Right Now”

The second day of MIB orientation programme was initiated with the introduction of faculty members, staff and administration department. The Career Development Centre (CDC) and Corporate Resource Centre (CRC) of the institute boost up the confidence of the students with their motivational speeches and statistics. The interactive session ended with the briefing towards “Expectation from MIB students” by Dr Sapna Rakesh (Director, IMS Ghaziabad, University Courses Campus). The Ice Breaking Session ‘Right Here, Right Now’ was planned with the objective to build familiarity among the participants, while enabling them to explore their skills and multifaceted qualities.

The warm-up conversation among them allowed the students to see with whom they are comfortable to share things in common. All the tasks conducted reduced the anxiety and energized them for learning something new and to know each other effectively.  All the upcoming managers understood the outcome of the session and could easily relate it to the managerial efficiency. The students are learnt for doing their work together and share the common features. They taught them to turn your strategy into the action through effective and efficient management.  Ayush, Jerin and Prachi were the leaders of the activities conducted. The students were felicitated with the management books of renowned authors. The session was conducted by CDC Department.

                                                                               “Setting up Individual Goals”

On the third day, CDC Department conducted a very enlightening session aiming at introspecting and setting of individual and professional goals. The session was based on personality profiling and SWOT analysis. Ms Priyanka Sadhna along with her team members assist the students to develop the broader understanding of their personal attributes, in order to reduce conflicts and improved decision-making power. The activity surely acknowledges the participants about their own set strengths, goals and the areas of improvement, for that they were asked to fill a sheet that contains several questions with the objective to clear the query why they had chosen MIB program as their master’s degree.

CRC Department organized an interactive session with inductees to guide them towards “Opportunities, Employability and Placement”. Mr Mandeep Singh Rawat (Dean- CRC) had initiated the session with a brief introduction followed by Mr Vijay Shukla (Manager-CRC). The session was dedicated to giving the necessary details about the future opportunities in the market. They talked about how to grab these kinds of opportunities and turned into fruitful results. They also described a brief discussion about the importance of Live Projects and International Exposure program.

Another session of this day was executed to build an ambience of familiarity and encouragement to know each other effectively and to develop better communication and team dynamics. This session started with an activity conducted by Prof. Shenki Tyagi followed by introducing the Communication Process, 7C’s etc. Later on, it was undertaken by Dr Shilpi Sarna who talked about team dynamics and their importance.

The orientation program also has the sessions to groom and motivate the entrants to be a good professional and inculcate the attributes and values of management professional, a sense of strong commitment towards the nation and profession and development of integrity, transparency, independence and excellence in the profession. The orientation program successfully made the students understand the “big picture” of business and the importance of building basic competencies in business areas such as finance, strategy, operations, marketing and people management.

The fourth day of the orientation program started with the management games that facilitated students understanding of various management concepts, practices and how it relates to real life situations. Dr Puneet Mohan (Director, Loqman Consultants Pvt. Ltd.) started the discussion with the traditional definition of Management.  Management is the art of getting things done with and through others”. He emphasized the word “WITH” which is the core of the definition. He urged the participants to understand the various management concepts and practices relating it to real-life situations. An activity was conducted, where the students are divided into groups of 6 students with the limit of 3-4 minutes to explore the maximum details of every student. He also included a task that helps them to understand the concept of the budget. Post lunch session started with the Modern Concept of Management which says that “Management is nothing but Decision Making”. During this session, he also emphasized teamwork, group dynamics.

The day five of orientation program focused on knowing personal traits of all students. The session was focused on profiling tools such as personality types, learning styles, interpersonal needs and SWOT analysis. Another session was covered by Mr Prashant Verma (VP-HR & Strategy, Disney I toys) to interact with the newly inducted batch of MIB program. He is a truly passionate person who spoke on employability and skills gap while hiring the freshers. He explained about the Goal clarity and what the industry expects and analyses while hiring the students.

The session also covered with the upcoming trends and various career related queries asked by the students. This session also included the course methodology, division of semesters and other queries regarding their classes. Dr Indrani Bhattacharjee (Associate Professor of IMSUC) makes the students understand the Concept of Leadership, Leverage Buy Outs, Negotiation Entrepreneurship and Brand Recognition with the help of a movie “Barbarians at the gate”.

On the sixth day, in pursuit of identification of existing skill, CDC department at IMS Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus) organized ‘Presentation on Articles based on Harvard Business Review’. They started with an objective to sensitize the students in all genres of specializations such as Sales, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources and IT. Students presented their PPT reflecting the crux of articles emphasizing their perceptions and need of study. Ms Priyanka Sadhna with her team motivated and introduced students to these platforms for enhancing their knowledge and confidence. Dr Sapna  Rakesh addressed the students with a case study “From Niche to Mainstream”. All participants developed a great deal of interest in solving the main parameters i.e. Issues, Environment and decisions.

Seventh-day was a Senior-Junior interactive session with an informal round of brief introduction. They designed it with various activities such as Business Quiz, Impromptu Speech and Whodunit. The students were divided into teams named Business Boomers (BB), Inspiring Innovators (II), Canny Creators (CC) and Magnetic Maestros (MM). The day continued with a Guest Lecture of Dr Amit Pareenja (Principal Consultant and Global Lead at TATA Communication). He groomed the students with the power of Consultancy Firm and also introduced them to the technology for their business ease. This session guides the students with the thought that ‘a small thing can also make a big change’.

“Your smile is your logo, your Personality is your Business Card, how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your Trademark”.

In the context of above quote, Corporate Trainer Mr Surya Bahadur captivated the young minds with a message that despite higher education, we fail to create a positive impression with good identity in the mind of others and it would affect our personal relations also. He helped students in developing self-confidence, Communication Patterns, Body Language, Corporate Relationships, Self- Creativity, Coordination and Leadership.

A Case-Based Learning session was organized to establish the approach of discipline across the students to apply their knowledge in the real-world scenario. Under the guidance of Prof. Kapil Mohan, they were showing videos of popular television show Shark Tank where aspiring entrepreneurs make business presentations to a panel of five “shark” investors, who then choose whether to invest as business partners.

The closing ceremony of the MIB orientation program was in the presence of Mr Vivek Verma. A motivational Guest Lecture by him to the students on the topic “Get set go for Career, not a Degree”. This day started with an informal introduction by mentioning the adjective with their names that define their uniqueness. After that, the participants were guided about the Employability Skills through a game. He acknowledges the students about the scope of various specializations in the corporates. He also shared his experience and talked about DOs AND DONTs at the time of interview.

The session ended with the motivational addressed by Dr Sapna Rakesh (Director, IMS Ghaziabad University Courses Campus), and Vote of Thanks by the convenor of the whole induction program Prof. Kapil Mohan Garg.