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Is MBA in IB a Better Scope for the future?

Budding managers always face this dilemma of choosing the right career path for them and are confused between the various choices available at post graduation level. Traditionally, students desiring to pursue post-graduation aim to enrol for a clichéd MBA programme that has become overused over the last 2-3 decades. The world has become a changed place and so are the skills that are required from future managers today. Learning only management in a conceptual way will not prepare young minds for the tough challenges that lie ahead in the corporate world. A plain vanilla MBA only teaches and does not preaches the hard realities of the globalized world where decision-making needs to be highly analytical. A simple MBA would not prepare the students for the challenges ahead nor help them understand the connected world. The MIB in international business at IMS Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus) in Delhi NCR.

In the current environment where internationalization is given, each organization needs to undertake their business activity in sync with the global trends. This is critical as the global players are one of the stakeholders in each company in either the capacity of a supplier, buyer, investor or even the distributor. Hence only understanding the domestic markets and organizations would not be sufficient for a holistic development of a successful manager. Managers today need to have technical and analytical skills with a well-rounded understanding of the global world for taking the right decisions for their organizations. The limited knowledge about the domestic market with no exposure to the international business world would not be the right learning input given to the young budding managers. The ecosystem of the various economies is interconnected thus requiring the managers to be well aware of the IB aspects of organizational working.  One of the best MBA IB college in Delhi NCR.

As the geo-political relationships change between developed and developing nations, the future holds many more such dramatic changes for which the managers need to prepare themselves deeply. The scope for better future and career life solely depends on the kind of input taken at post graduation level that cannot be myopic in nature. A practical based MBA with the flavour of international business (IB) is thus the need of the hour in the current globally connected world. The MNC’s today need such managers to work for global offices that can comprehend markets, relate to global consumers, analyse global financial data while creating effective decisions for the organizations they work for. MBA with IB will provide a deeper and broader scope for managers to grow and explore the managerial roles that would come up better with the expansion of these multinational companies. A knowledgeable person with a well rounded global personality would have access to multiple and highly lucrative opportunities to grow in the future. This relates to both the kind of jobs and the work profile that would only strengthen with time. No managers today can ignore the international signals irrespective of the industry or the vertical they are working for. Thus MBA with IB provides a much bigger and better platform for future scope in the professional world.   


Komal Kapoor

Assistant Professor

School of Management-MIB