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Teachers open the door but you must walk through it yourself

The world is a big place. There are so many things to do, and many places to visit around. But we always don’t know about it, or sometimes we have fears and worries to get into a new place or a thing. And even are not sure about the things we do know about.

This is the confusing situation where a teacher can be helpful to decide about right and wrong. A teacher is a person in the life of every student to guide them towards the right path at the right time. They help the students to curtail unnecessary fear and worries for thinking outside of the box. Teachers have been outside our limited world. They have gained lots of experience by seeing, doing, and learning things which we don’t know or understand.

The teacher also helps us to understand the things better and to keep our fears calm. They are capable of pointing out where and when to be cautious, and when and where to let the things go and have fun. They always taught us to move towards the right path but it really depends upon how we judge it. Teachers can guide to see the way out but to actualize it, totally depend upon an individual. We as an individual have to step out of the room to convert a virtual image into a real one.

Teachers can monitor the gate of your success, but to take the actual benefit you have to step out of it to achieve your dreamy goals.

And a walk through the door will open up multiple options and you gain a lot many other experiences from there. The recollections of your experience will come back once you about to reach your goals.

Just remember, the door we are talking about is not that wooden door we usually use to get inside or outside the room Here the door meant to be the starting point of the racing track with all the obstacles which are compulsory to face once you start your run towards finishing line.

We may sometimes find that all what we thought would be fun but really is not that interesting. In that case, we may sometimes decline to cross all threshold. but again we must also realize that it is our choice and our responsibility to choose to walk or to not walk through that door.

How you apply this quote in our life very much depends on how much we get outside. Not outside as in the great outdoors, but how often you leave our comfort zone. How often do we try something new? How often do we find out about new things and give them a try?

If one does it a lot, the person is already living the quote fairly well, at least in some parts of his life.

Now, what about the other parts of our life? Do we try new food? Do we travel? Do we play new games? Do we explore new places in town? Do we make new friends? Similarly, there are many different doors in our lives, how often they were opened totally depends upon an individual.

By nature, we humans are uneven. We excel at some things, but not at others. There are probably areas where we don’t even wait for a teacher to open the door, but instead, kick it open our self and charge through. There are probably a few places where we are much more likely to just look out through the window.

Like few people enjoy the things by simply witnessing others doing it, while others enjoy doing it themselves. Some people love to explore around and to do experiments with new things, whereas others do not.  That’s just being about uneven nature of human.

What doors could we walk through more often? What could we do, but choose not to? Is there a reason, or have we just develop a habit of not doing it? Do we really want to change any of these habits or not? What would we really like to do, rather than just learn or hear or smell? The answers to all these questions are already with us.

The choice is totally ours and we can always choose to reverse our self if we are not enjoying with what is happening. We as a part of being educated are very capable of noticing and judging what happened and are fully authorized for taking a moment to consider or reconsider what we did, and if we are willing to do it again. Sometimes, doing once is more than enough.

So let us be aware of, what are we interested in doing and what doors actually we will open and walk through?