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The Digital Retailing Era!

The Digital Retailing Era!

Retail is an industry that has never stayed static and has always developed with time; there has been a huge shift in the nature of this business over the last many decades. Retail began as a basic tool of business involving the sale of goods to consumers through small unorganised street stalls and shops a few centuries ago, and since then, the nature and function of this tool has changed beyond proportions, transforming retail from a tool of business to a massive industry. This thorough research aims to examine and evaluate the retail journey, with a particular focus on current and future developments.

Experts' Views on How Retail Will Change in the Future:

CEOs, marketing heads, sales heads, strategists, and other senior executives from a number of well-known companies have offered their thoughts on how retail will evolve in the future. Their viewpoints were formed based on their own experiences, knowledge of the industry, and intuitions. The following are some expert perspectives and ideas about future retailing:

A Sharp Reduction in Operational Costs::

According to numerous management and industry experts, the cost of retailing operations will be drastically reduced. In the future, retailers will use tools that are both affordable and effective. Taking on retailing operations has always been an expensive endeavour, and as time has passed, this business has seen a significant decrease in its operations, which is likely to continue in the future.

Transition from Large to Small Retail Formats: :

The retail business will undergo significant changes in terms of style, space, and location without compromising the scope of activities. According to experts, retailers will shrink the size of their layouts in the future to minimise overhead expenses and costs associated with shipping, storing, and physically handling items.

Introducing New and Innovative Retailing Methodologies: :

As retail has always been dynamic, experts in the sector predict that new and better techniques of selling will be launched and found in the future. Experts say that we will undoubtedly see creative techniques of promoting and selling current and newly found items and services, and that any static feature or idea about retailing will be completely debunked.

Prof Nidhi Sharma
Assistant Professor
School of Management